Child Studies  covers all the following  aspects:

  •   diversity & individual differences, perspectives and theories of child development, developmental and growth patterns and deviations from the normal, process and theories of learning and their implications
  •  Understanding the child- socio-economic demography, gender, first generation learners, caste, class, creed, street and challenged children, Emotional map of children and factors influencing them, aspects of  Language development, theories of cognition- Piaget’s Model
  • Meeting Children’s Needs- child centred pedagogy, conducive learning environments, developing creative potential, context specific TLP
  • Rights of the child- Child Rights, UN CRC 1989, Child Protection, Abuse, Role of NCPCRs SCPCR, and Protection of child rights and redressal of grievances

Presentations for Online Learning: These two presentations T have been prepared by Shri.M.Reddenna PGT (Geo) KVS ZIET Mysore.


 _birth_to_five Development

Additional Reading and Learning


ppt-inclusive-ravi-sir (1)





One comment on “13TH SEPT.2013- MODULE ON CHILD STUDIES

  1. sinirajvarkala says:

    Thanks for the ppt.Earlier I took it for granted that kids of so & so age group were supposed to know what I expected them to know.Thanks for changing my outlook.

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