MESSAGE TO THE PARTICIPANTS- Director and Deputy Commissioner, KVS ZIET Mysore

 12th Sept.2013    

Welcome to ZIET Mysore  !!!!!!

Dear Participants

You are the invitees to the Batch I of the Special Programme for elementary Education to be held at ZIET Mysore between 24th Sept .2013   to 1st October 2013.

We, at ZIET Mysore are happy to launch this  pre-workshop online learning – the first of its kind in Training at ZIETs.

The online learning platform is a private blog,  to which only the participants will have access to notifications, information, resources and Assignments.    Your engagement with this online learning will definitely help in skill building in the practice modules in the 7 Day PCP-Personal Contact programme when you come to ZIET Mysore.

Your assigned   role  in this online learning is that of a contributor, ie, you are expected to  go through the modules and post your queries , write-ups, additional   or supplementary resources that you would like to share with the peers.

I’m sure that each and every one of you  will  be an active  contributing participant in this online platform

Wish You Good Luck

                                                Deputy Commissioner KVS &Director

                                                                                                                                                                                                  KVS ZIET Mysore



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