The members of the Training Team for the Batch I PCP for the Special Programme on elementary Education are:

COURSE DIRECTOR     –Shri.S.Selvaraj, DC & Director ZIET Mysore

COURSE COORDINATOR – Miss. Sahaya Mary  , HM ZIET Faculty


  1. Shri. M. Reddena   PGT ( Geo ) Faculty  ZIET Mysore
  2. Shri.K.Armugam   PGT ( Phy)  Faculty ZIET Mysore
  3. Shri. U.P.Binoy      PGT ( Eng)  Faculty  ZIET Mysore
  4. Shri.V.L.Vernekar  Librarian


  1.  Shri.S.N.Bhatt  , HM KV Kannur
  2. Smt. V.C.Usha, PRT  KV CLRI  Chennai
  3.  Smt. Lakshmi Prabha Burli PRT KV   Mg Rly Colony

  4. Smt. R. Padmavathi  PRT  KV Anna Nagar
  5. Smt.  D.S.Nagavalli  PRT    KV MG Rly Colony
  6. Smt. S.K.Mahapatra       TGT ( Art)       KV Mysore

  7. Smt.  Rajashekar Reddy  TGT  (WE)     KV Mysore
  8.  Smt.M.Ramesh              TGT (PE &H)    KV Mysore

  9. Smt.Vijayendra               PRT ( Mus)     KV Mysore

80 listed participants  from  the KVs of Chennai  and Ernakulam Regions. These  are teachers  with higher qualifications, who had joined KVS in 2009.

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